Private Lesson Information

We are very fortunate here at Westbrook Intermediate to be able to provide private lessons for every band instrument. We have a FANTASTIC private lesson staff who are specialists at their instruments and have dedicated their time to perfecting their performance skills and teaching their respective instruments. Some of our private lesson teachers have graduate and doctoral degrees in music, have made professional recordings, and even performed professionally in symphony orchestras!

  • We highly recommend private lessons for all students who exhibit self-discipline and are serious about getting better at their instruments. Private lessons are in no way a form of remediation or tutoring. In fact, we expect and encourage our most skilled band students to take private lessons.

  • A private lesson is a one-on-one session (generally 30 minutes) with a profession on your child's instrument. They occur each week. Many students have their private lessons at school during their band class, although some occur before or after school. Payments are made directly to the teachers.

  • Private lessons are not like tutoring, in which only students who are struggling take them. This can be true for some, but the vast majority of students take private lessons to get ahead. Their instructor will give them techniques, goals, and exercises that are specific to their needs, ability, and interest.

  • Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify. Please contact Mrs. Maloy for more information.

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WIS Private Lesson Faculty


Lisa Van Langen


Ashley Guillot


Haley Houk


David Ford

Cayce Vega


Nick Madden


Kevin Henderson

Shaina Goodson

French Horn

Heather Hare


Steven Luong

Jimmy Tran

Euphonium & Tuba

Matt Lindahl

Michael Krueger


Dylan Di Mauro

Martin Quiroga

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