Westbrook Band Boosters

Officers 2021 - 2022

President: Catherine Overcash

Vice President: Gabi Rosciano

Treasurer: Erin Pitcher

Secretary: Jayme Sanchez

The WIS Band Booster Club is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and our purpose is to support the Westbrook Intermediate Band Program. We kick off the new school year with an annual MEMBERSHIP DRIVE. Our goal this year is 100% MEMBERSHIP of parents of all children enrolled in the Westbrook Intermediate Band program. Membership dues are annual, and your family need only join once a year regardless of the number of children currently enrolled in the WIS band.

Our Band Booster Club gives you an opportunity to get involved with your children, showing them that you care about their musical interests. Club members are given opportunities to serve as chaperones for trips, events, and contests. While the 2020-2021 school year is unique, we hope to continue our active volunteer support this spring by assisting the band directors in planning and running various social activities.

One of the most important contributions to our children’s band experience is financial. Your annual dues and fundraisers help provide money to purchase Westbrook band equipment and provide for band activities not covered financially by the school district. Due to Covid-19, we will not have a fall fundraiser this year, though we plan to host a few spirit nights at local restaurants. Your financial support is even more important to help us continue purchasing instruments, paying for clinicians and contest entry fees, and supporting the private lesson financial aid fund.

Thank you for your support!

Your Westbrook Int. Band Directors

Join our Booster Club!

You can join the Band Booster Club by filling out the information on our membership form and returning it to a band directors or fill out online!

ONLINE FORM LINK: https://tinyurl.com/wisbbc

Donate to the Westbrook Band

Please make all checks out to: WIS BBC

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MOD Pizza – Baybrook


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Mindi Garcia - Seabrook Int. Counselor

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Marti Chandler – North Pointe ES

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Tropical Smoothie Café

BAND BOOSTER EVENTS / Volunteer Opportunities

2021-2022 Events TBD

November 14: Teach Your Parent to Play

November 15: Chick-fil-A Day!

December 10: Winter Concert

December 13: Chick-Fil-A Day!

January 24: Chick-fil-A Day!

February 21: Band Lock In!

March 20: Chick-fil-A Day!

May 5: Spring Pool Party & Concert