The instruments found on these sheets are the best-recommended brands and models to obtain. They are very reliable and, most importantly, very durable. These brands and models are well known and will optimize your ability, growth, and learning. 

WARNING: In this day and age there are many instrument manufacturers that make extremely enticing and inexpensive instruments. Some companies even color their instruments red, green, blue, and black to attract customers as a gimmick. Though they may seem fine at first they can malfunction very easily and repair shops have been known to refuse repair due to cheap parts and un-repairability. ​"If it's too good to be true, it probably is."

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Music & Arts Center

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Below are our instrument supply sheets for your specific instrument.  After selecting an instrument at our instrument fitting, this sheet will help you in the next step for band.  All items may be found at our recommend music stores, both in stores and online. We encourage parents to shop around and purchase items as soon as possible. Amazon carries some of our preferred supplies as well. 

We ask families to aim to have all supplies by the first day of school. We understand that this year will bring some hardship for many families. We ask that you secure these supplies at your earliest convenience after your child's instrument fitting appointment. Please do not wait too long as items may become back-ordered/delayed in shipping due to high volume requests. Please also remember that we are here to help! If you need financial assistance or any guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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